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Gygax Star Sheepskin Open Front & Ankle Boots - Size 1


Brand: Gygax (Switzerland)

Condition: New

Color: White

Size: Size 1 Fronts/ Size 1 Ankles

Description: Original Gygax Star open front & ankle boots. White with natural sheepskin lining. Star front boots have double leather around the tendons and ankles for extra protection. Elastic straps with easy on/off clips. Machine washable. New with tags. Very flashy boots!

NOTE: These are the original, high quality Gygax boots that were made in Switzerland. They were later replaced by the Lanz Anliker boots. The original Gygax boots are no longer being made and very hard to find new or used

Retail price: $425.98 (fronts $219.99, ankles $205.99)

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